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I strongly support all action to defend and preserve our Free Speech and Freedom of Expression rights under the First Amendment.


I strongly support the Second Amendment as well as concealed carry and open carry legislation.

America First

I strongly support the concept of the Federal Government putting the interests of the American people before those of other nations.

Anti-Corruption In Government

I strongly support anything that will lead to eliminating corruption in government. I feel strongly we should make ownership of any "offshore" financial accounts by US Citizens illegal, as they are used for corrupt purposes and to commit tax fraud.

Budget & Deficit Spending

I strongly support a legal or constitutional requirement for a balanced budget.

Campaign Finance Reform

I strongly support legislating new ways to fund political campaigns in a higher-integrity manner.

Entitlement Reform

I am strongly in favor of entitlement reform, including some type of work/volunteer requirement to qualify for benefits.


I am for a strong border, including a southern wall, and merit-based immigration.


I am a strong supporter of Israel, and the unique relationship we have with the only democracy in the Middle East.

Law & Order

I strongly support enforcing all laws we have on the books. If we have laws on the books which are antiquated or bad, we need to get them off the books through the legislative process.

Line Item Veto

I strongly support giving the Executive Branch line item veto power to reduce spending (pork) and corruption.

Lobbying Corruption Reform

I strongly support legislation that would only allow public, streamed, and recorded sessions between lobbyists, politicians, and politicians' staffs.


I am against government-run healthcare and healthcare insurance, except for insuring (only) the elderly and indigent. Obamacare must be replaced with a healthcare insurance system that works for everyone.

Mental Health

I strongly support strengthening our mental healthcare infrastructure.


I strongly support funding the largest and most lethal military in the world.

National Debt

I strongly support a legal or constitutional requirement for reduction of the national debt.

President Trump

I strongly support almost all, if not all, of President Trump's policy agenda.


I strongly support a woman's right-to-choose, providing no taxpayer monies are used to fund abortions in whole or in part and providing humane restrictions on timing of abortion procedures.

Same-Sex Marriage

I strongly support same-sex marriage.

Size of Government

I strongly support reducing the size and scope of the federal government.

Social Media

I strongly support technology companies having to declare whether they are a platform or a publisher and be subject to laws, regulations, and liabilities based on their choice.

Social Security Reform

I am strongly in favor of Social Security reform. Like most problems, the longer we wait, the harder this challenge gets to solve.

States' Rights

I strongly support making local and state legislative bodies responsible for as much of the "business of the people" as sound and feasible, taking away as much authority from the federal government as possible.

Student Loan Relief

I am strongly against student loan relief of any kind. See why HERE. I strongly oppose free college for anyone. I will strongly and firmly push for colleges and universities being "business process re-engineered". They have caused this problem and they need to fix it. See why HERE.

Supreme Court

I strongly support preserving the current composition of the Supreme Court.

Tax Reform

I am for completely modernizing our tax system as well as totally overhauling or replacing the IRS.

Term Limits

I strongly support term limits for every Federal, elected, office.


I strongly support requiring mutual fairness in international trade treaties and agreements.

Transparency in Government

I strongly support requiring all elected Federal office-holders to release the last 7-years of personal tax returns, as well as the tax returns of closely-held corporate & other entities (estates, trusts, etc.).


I strongly support unions and workers' rights to collective bargaining. I am against mandatory union membership. I am against campaign contributions from unions that are in whole or in part from member dues, member fees, or mandatory member assessments.

United Nations

I strongly support withdrawing from the UN, vacating them from their current location, and building a new organization of democratic and capitalist nations to replace the UN. Find more detail on my position HERE.

Voter ID

I strongly support ID being required to vote to assist in eliminating voter fraud.

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